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Uniforms and Accessories

Marine Corps League Ship's Store

Men's Suite Separates (Hardwick Red Blazer, Item 14-31)

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Outer Banks Detachment Articles of Incorporation

Statement of Change of Registered Office and/or Registered Agent (01/20/2015)

Statement of Change of Registered Office and/or Registered Agent (12/29/2015)

Statement of Change of Principal Office (02/10/2015)

Statement of Change of Principal Office (12/29/2015)

Rules for the Use of the Pitts Center (06/21/2016)

Adopt-A-Beach Agreement (02/14/2017)

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Detachment Awards, Forms, and Reports

Application for Membership

Application for Associate Membership

National Award Recommendation Form

Claim for Reimbursement of Expenses

Eagle Scout Good Citizenship Award Application

Notice of Death Form

Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage

Request for Transfer Form

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation for Displaying the Flag

Good Citizenship Award

Return Address Label

Public Service Announcement

Press Release

Dues Transmittal and Change Notification Form

Report of Officer Installation

Department of North Carolina Quarterly Report

Adopt-A-Beach Debris Collection Report

Detachment Recruiting

Outer Banks Detachment Recruiting Poster

Outer Banks Detachment Promotional Brochure

Outer Banks Detachment Welcome Aboard Package

Prospect Letter

Welcome Aboard Letter

National Documents

National Bylaws and Administrative Procedures

Federal Charter of the Marine Corps League

Location Maps

American Legion Post 26

Avalon Beach Boating Access Area

Belk Dare Centre

Dare County Family Recreation Park

First Flight High School

Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church

Jennette's Pier

Jolly Roger Restaurant

Kern P. Pitts Center

Kill Devil Hills Veterans Memorial

Manteo High School

Nags Head Municipal Center

Outer Banks Bowling Center

Outer Banks Event Site

Roosters Country Kitchen

Seagate North Shopping Center

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10950

Walmart Store 2000

West Third Street Public Estuarine Access


Outer Banks Detachment Official Seal

Chesty Puller

Officer's Marine Corps Emblem

Civil War Marine Corps Emblem

Pre-1958 Marine Corps Emblem

The Title

Toys for Tots (Animated)

We Band of Brothers


History and Traditions

A Brief History of the U.S. Marine Corps

The Marines' Hymn

The Star-Spangled Banner

The Flag that Inspired Our National Anthem

The History of Flag Day

The History of Memorial Day

The History of Veteran's Day

Major General John A. Lejeune's Birthday Message

The Rifleman's Creed

Interior Guard: General Orders

Articles of Government of the United States Navy, 1930

The Phonetic Alphabet and Morse Code 1943 to Present

This Date in Marine Corps History

Federal Flag Code: Public Law 94-344

Marine Corps Rank Structure 1943 to Present

Marines Trained at Manteo: VMF-511

Official Marine Corps

United States Marine Corps

United States Marine Corps History Division

Marine Corps Community Services On-Line Uniform Store

Ceremonial Music


Adjutant's Call / French Foreign Legion March

Semper Fidelis

The National Anthem

The Marines Hymn (Slow Version)

Auld Lang Syne

Anchor's Away / The Marines' Hymn

The Marines Hymn (Three Verses)

Eternal Father, Strong To Save

Semper Fidelis (1942)

The National Anthem (1945)

The Marines Hymn (1942)

Song Of The Marines (1942)

Bugle Calls

Morning Colors (Attention–To The Colors–Carry On)

Evening Colors (Attention–Retreat–Carry On)


Military Records, Awards, and Photographs

Request Replacement DD-214 / DD-215

Request Replacement Medals

Request Cold War Certificate

Obtain MCRD Platoon Books and Photographs

Veteran's Benefits

Veteran's Administration Resource Guide

NC4Vets Resource Guide

Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors

Veteran's Administration Rural Health Initiative

Veteran's Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit

Military Funeral Honors

Burial Benefits

Burial Headstones and Markers

Burial Flag

Government Agencies

American Battle Monuments Commission

Library of Congress - Veterans History Project

Tricare - Eastern Region

United States Department of Defense

United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Federal Emergency Management Administration

National Weather Service Forecast Office

National Hurricane Center

North Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs

Marine Corps Related

Marine Corps Ribbon Checker and Rack Builder

Leatherneck Magazine

National Museum of the Marine Corps

National Museum of the Marine Corps: Museum Store

Marine Corps Museum of the Carolinas

Marine Corps Association

Marine Corps Gazette

Marine Corps Aviation Association

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

Marine Bombing Squadron Four-Thirteen

Marine Bombing Squadron Four Twenty-Three

Marine Bombing Squadron Four Thirty-Three

Marine Bombing Squadron Four Forty-Three

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Eleven

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Twelve

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Fourteen

U.S. Marine Corps World War II Dog Tags

Sergeant Grit Marine Specialties

USMC/Combat Helicopter Association

World War II Gyrene

United States Marines Birthplace Memorial

United States Marine Corps: Together We Served

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Hyperwar: U.S. Marine Corps in World War II

Veteran's Organizations

American Legion

American Veterans

Blue Star Mothers of America

Catholic War Veterans

Disabled American Veterans

Jewish War Veterans of the United States

Marine Corps Veterans Association

Marine Corps Veterans Association Outer Banks Platoon

Marine's Memorial Association

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USA Patriotism!


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